Super doubles update

Well, it’s just about midway through the week so I thought I’d post for a super double coupons update at Meijer. Unfortunately most of my records are elsewhere, but I think I can give you an estimate. About $420 of stuff for about negative $4. So, given that I should have some more coupons coming in the mail over the next few days, my goal of $1000 this week certainly looks doable.

Some of the deals I’ve gotten:

Chi Chis Fiesta Dip – this stuff is hardly usable by us and didn’t sell well at the garage sale, but if Meijer wants to continue to pay me 35 cents per container, I will continue to “buy” them.

Open Pit BBQ Sauce – I still had one raincheck for 99 cents left over, so combined with the 55/1 blinkies at Kroger, they’re better than the free I’ve been getting them at Kroger for, not to mention they also give out .75 per 2 bought in Meijer Fuel rewards.

GM Cereal is on sale for $1.75, so with $1/1 peelies, they’re free, plus there are other peelies for buy 2 of assorted kinds, get a free something else (Bisquick, Toaster Strudel or Nature Valley Granola bars, depending on if you’re buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms or Cheerios). The Bisquick seems to be the best deal – oddly enough this coupon says it’s good for a free box of Bisquick 40 oz or MORE (whereas I’d expect it to say 40 oz or less) – so I got the 96 oz box that retails for $6.29, natch.

I was able to pricematch Speed Stick deodorant that is on sale for 99 cents at CVS. Coupled with .75/1 coupons that was good overage. Meijer has a policy where they price match “general merchandise” but not food. I wasn’t sure if they’d price match deodorant or not, but they did. I even had a snappy comeback (“how does it taste?”) if they were going to tell me it was classified as grocery, but I didn’t get to use it :-) . Tragically my good cashier (that I’ve been to before and who is coincidentally also LDS) told me that she is leaving Meijer in a week and moving to Salt Lake City and getting married though perhaps not necessarily in that order. So I guess I’ll have to train a new cashier…

Another thing of note – Meijer has some sort of deal with NASCAR and the GM Cereal this week – it’s in the ad. They also sponsor some races down at the Kentucky Speedway. So 3 times so far this week I’ve gotten printouts for 2 free tickets to some NASCAR race. Since I have little to no desire to go to the race, I put them up on eBay – not bad huh? (no crank bids please!)

I will post more later in the week and/or give a full recap at the end of the week.

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