September Update

Well it’s been a long hiatus for TPMHTDM, but I thought I’d brief you with a quick run-down on what’s up. In truly exciting news, we were over at my MILs house on Saturday when (because she is one of the lucky few with a Saturday Door Store) I got a heads up on a bonus Super Double coupon week at Meijer. I wasn’t really able to plan for it all that better than I would have had I found out regularly on Sunday but hey it was exciting! It’s only been 5 weeks since the last one, so maybe they’re moving it up (from every 10 weeks which was how often they had been doing it). I realize that reading this paragraph makes me sound like a complete loser and I can’t entirely dispute that accusation.

Anyways, I went today but I will recap that later in a separate post. This post will be about the past few weeks as I’ve been negligent on the postage recently.

One thing that we have been doing at work is our Recycle Challenge. One of the things we do at Luxottica is a charitable foundation called “Give the Gift of Sight“. The gist of it is that folks donate their used glasses at Lenscrafters stores (and I assume Pearle Visions now too). These glasses go through a process and eventually make their ways to a 3rd world country where we partner with the Lions Club to give them out to people that can’t afford glasses.

One of the parts of that process takes place in what we call the “Recycle Center” downstairs at where I work. When the glasses are donated, the folks at the stores clean them up and write the prescriptions on them and then send them to us. We take the prescriptions and put them into our computer system that we have written for this, and then when we go on the international missions, we take that computer system, and when a person’s prescription is measured, the computer tells the person dispensing where they can find the right eyewear. It’s pretty neat.

Anyways, each department here has a 4 week “challenge” where they are responsible for manning the recycle center. IT’s turn is now (last week, this week and the 2 upcoming weeks). I’m a captain so I’ve been spending some time organizing stuff for that. Our theme is football, and we’re divided up into 6 teams representing the individual IT departments. We each have 3 days that are “ours” and whoever recycles the most glasses on their days wins some sort of prize. We won last year and aim to win again this year. Our goal is 130,000 pairs recycled in our 4 weeks, which works out to 6500 per day which, if you can’t visualize how many that is, is a lot.