Are you satisfied with the amount of Dan Miller that you are receiving?


I’m finished finally with the super double coupons for the week. I will post a final report within a day or so. Let us just say that the stores were white, ready for harvest, and lo, I did thrust in my sickle with all my might, mind and strength. again, iykwim.

And if you don’t know what iykwim means, then lo I shall not explain it. Let us just say that google is your friend. (iykwim)

I did want to post one annoying thing that happened to me a few days ago at Meijer. I had a raincheck for a gallon of milk for $1.67 I think (reg. price $2.49) and the cashier gets to it and is like hold on a second. So she goes and I guess talks to some head dude, and then after forever comes back and says something to the effect of “yeah I can’t take this because we’re never out of milk so we don’t give rainchecks for milk”. And i’m like “BUT I ALREADY HAD THE RAINCHECK!!” and she said it wasn’t signed by a Meijer “team member” and I’m thinking so you think that I stole it? Anyway that was very annoying but I had to get the milk anyways because we were out, and the worst part of it was that they KEPT MY RAINCHECK. Oooh that really stuck in my craw.