September Super Double Coupons report

I’m not sure exactly how many trips I made to the store, but I did take a few days off (no trips to the store). Plus every physical trip to Meijer was at least 2 actual orders (curse them and their limit of 2 like doubling!)

Things I paid for:

62 Hamburger Helper ($14.00) – seems silly to *pay* for Helper when I have so much of it already plus I just got paid to take tons of it at Kroger a few weeks ago – but these were bought mostly for the boxtops deal.
16 Stage 3 Baby food ($8.83) – I liked it better when Joel was nursing :-)
3 Gallons milk ($7.47)
24 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $4.48 – counted for the boxtops plus they were B2G2F and $1/2 printables made them free – paid for a few because I ran out of printables and had to use .50/2 blinkies.
8 Mamma Bella Garlic Bread $3.96 – 50/1 plus B1G1F
2 Kraft Shredded Cheese $3.34
2 Contact Lens Solution $3.33 – On sale for $3/10 plus rainchecks for 1/2 price
24 Kraft Handi-Snak Puddings $3.08 – $2/3 Kraft coupons plus B1G1F
1 Mozzarella Cheese 12 oz $2.59
1 Grapes 2.22 lb $1.95
1 Pepperoni $1.89
2 Bread loaf $1.78
2 Viva Paper Towels $1.78
1 Cooking Spray $1.67
1 Vegetable Oil $1.67
20 Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.50 – also B2G2 with $1/2 printables
1 Lettuce $0.99
1 Hot Dog Buns $0.98
1 Bananas 2.09 lb $0.92
2 Bisquick 40 oz $0.78
2 Mccain French Fries $0.69 – B1G1F plus $1/1 Meijer Gas

Stuff for free

18 Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste $0.00 – even better I got $2 off Crest Catalinas on a few of these which I used to make money on Crest.
18 Lays Potato Stax $0.00 – 1/1 peelies
2 Pillsbury Dunkables $0.00
2 Act II Popcorn $0.00
1 Coke Zero 2-liter $0.00
8 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $0.00
8 Betty Crocker Potatoes $0.00
10 Nexcare Bandages $0.00


1 Ziploc Containers -$0.13 – I only found one .55/1 coupon, which coupled with the $1 OYNSO Catalina
1 Nail Clip -$0.51
3 Crest Toothpaste with Scope -$0.56 – It was $1.72 plus B2G1F and I had the $2 Catalians.
18 White Rain Conditioner -$0.72
26 White Rain Shampoo -$1.04
2 Tyson Chicken Nuggets -$1.12 – found some $1/1 Meat Winetags
30 Martha White Pizza Crust Mix -$1.20 – most of these just doubled to be free – some they punched in and so doubled the full amount
2 Betty Crocker Frosting -$1.50 – this was pour and frost – printables at
88 General Mills Cereal -$1.60 – lots of $1/1 peelies and $1/2 blinkies.
6 Ball Park Hot Dogs -$3.03 – meat winetags.
12 Krusteaz Muffin Mix -$6.00
28 Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup -$6.74 – $1/1 hangtags plus B1G1F. Really I’m surprised I ever saw any of these since the deal and the coupons were RIGHT THERE, but even on Saturday there was plenty left.
16 Emery Boards -$12.38 -$1/1 peelies.

For the first time, I made it over the thousand dollar mark for the week – $1,014.09 in groceries (including $5.62 tax) for $36.77. Personally I’m disappointed I had to actually *pay* money :-) , but most of the things I paid for I did for the boxtops. There was the deal where you buy 12 participating products (mostly general mills and betty crocker stuff) and get a coupon for 100 boxtops ($10 value). I got 16 of those coupons, so 1600 boxtops. Unfortunately they expire in Sep. 06, and Amy doesn’t start kindergarten till next year, so I guess it’s ebay and/or trading for them…

The first coupon for 100 sold on ebay for $9.75.

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    does any one like helper for dinner? i sure do, i eat it every night! :-)

  2. Joesball wrote:

    This is truly inspiring. Clearly the best grocery-savings-related Mormon-published blog I have read this entire evening!

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    [...] This is actually somewhat stingier than similar deals that they have had in the past (the best was one where you got 100 BTFE for buying 12 products, and it was on the same week as super double coupons!) [...]

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