November Super Doubles report

Quick recap before we head on out of town for Thanksgiving. Since we were leaving, it was a short week of super doubling, but I still got some good deals. Profit-wise I think this was my best time ever, due to a couple of good deals that you will see down below.

Stuff I paid for:
9 Smuckers Low Sugar Jelly ($8.91). At 99 cents a pop, this is much better than the almost $3 I usually have to pay for it. Which I do, smilingly, because I love my wife soooo much.
1 Cream of Wheat ($3.49) – I suppose technically I could not count this in my totals since it was just something that I had to pick up without any coupons
Tax ($2.26) – Grr….
2 Silk soymilk ($1.58) – A little treat for the folks – I got the Very Vanilla kind which (so I am told) tastes essentially like a melted vanilla milkshake.
6 Crest Toothpaste ($1.20) – I messed this up. There was Crest for $2.27, and I ordered $1/1 coupons. That’s 27 cents a box (plus tax), which, with the amount of toothpaste that we have, I wouldn’t have done the deal. But they also had Buy 2 get $1.00 Meijer Gas, which would have made it a moneymaker. But the kind for $2.27 wasn’t the same kind as the Meijer Gas printouts, and the cheapest kind that was eligible for the gas wasn’t covered by my coupon, and the kind that was both covered by my coupon and eligible for the gas was $3.59. Why it took me 6 toothpastes (3 orders) to figure all this out, well…. no comment :-)
4 McCain French Fries ($.76) – I believe I’ve covered this.
18 Diet Sprite Zero 2-liters ($.56) – These should have been free, but it’s a matter of opinion how many coupons you can use on a Buy 1 get 1 free (or in this case Buy 3 get 2 free). My opinion is that on a B1G1F, I can use 2 coupons. This opinion is not universally shared…, and even I get tired of fighting folks sometimes :-)

Free Stuff:
28 Sunny Delight juice 6-packs. Wow I didn’t realize I had gotten this many. Yesterday when I was at Meijer there was a sample lady giving out samples of these with $1/1 coupons there. I asked her how much they were selling for and she said $2, so they’d be free this week. I got 4 yesterday then asked her if I could take some more coupons and she said “Sure”. So I swung by the other 2 Meijers I frequent today and picked out some more.
14 Martha White Pizza Crust mixes. These coupons usually adjust right to the price

8 Oral B Toothbrushes (-$0.24). Forgot I still had some of these coupons from last super doubles till just now – they were on sale for $1.97. I still have 3-4 coupons but that’s not enough to get me back to Meijer before we leave.
6 Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes (-$0.44) – free with printable 80/1.
20 Martha White muffin mixes (-$0.48) – most were just free but there was this one cashier that, if the coupon didn’t double fully (in this case 2 of them were $1.26, so it would be $.75 coupon plus $.51 doublage, she would void that and manually enter in a $.75 coupon so it would double to $1.50 – not complaining….)
12 Mueller’s Lasagna (-$0.50) – Raincheck for B1G1F plus $1/3 blinkies
3 Open Pit BBQ Sauce (-$1.46) – we were running low… :-)
5 Hefty Kitchen waste bags (-$1.55) – as I was contemplating whether the $3.88 small bag or the $5.88 bigger bag was a better deal, considering my $1/1 coupons, I saw these for $1.69. Wish I’d have had more coupons – might get some more since IIRC they don’t expire till 2/28/06.
24 Mueller’s Spaghetti (-$4.31) – same as the lasagna, though with these I also ran into the same B1G1F / 2 coupon arguments.
5 Emery boards (-$5.60) – I found some emery boards at the checkout lanes that are even cheaper! (88 cents vs. $1.19)
18 Idahoan Instant Potatoes (-$5.98) – I picked up a few of these 40/1 blinkies at Kroger since they were on sale for 89 cents so I thought it was reasonable that I could eventually get them for free. And lo and behold Meijer had them at 99 cents B1G1F.
25 Progresso Microwaveable Soup (-$6.25) – this was a deal that’s been going on for the past few weeks. I think my end total was 70 of these. They sell for $2.25, and every time you buy one you get a coupon for $2.50 off your next order. So not only is it free soup, you make a quarter. The only annoying thing with this is was that you had to buy them one at a time – if you bought 2 soups you’d still only get 1 $2.50 coupon.
32 Powerade Options 32 oz (-$19.28) – but not quite as good a deal as this one!! This one has also been going on for a month or so. 2 Powerade options for 79 cents each. I got a hold of some $1/2 coupons. So even before super doubles this was a moneymaker, because every time you buy 2, you got a coupon for $1.10 off your next order. Not to mention that you also get a coupon for a free Propel fitness water (Propel trying to get you to try their stuff I’m sure). Same annoyance with having to do them 2 at a time, but even more annoying is that it was nearly impossible to find this stuff. The Fields Ertel store had them in the back, so I had to keep asking someone to get them. Supposedly they wouldn’t fit on the shelves and the guy hadn’t built the display. It was finally built today after a week and a half. The Tylersville one had some, but only lemon. I asked at the Ridge Meijer and the guy called “someone” back in the back who said they didn’t have any, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy just didn’t want to look. A couple of times I almost walked in the back myself and looked (I get asked if I work for Meijer all the time). In the end I gave my co-worker Kerry (not to be confused with my sister Kerry) my last 5 coupons and he’s going to try and get me some if he goes out to Meijer before Saturday.

All in all, $364.94 of stuff for -$27.33.

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