These aren’t french fries

These aren’t french fries. I just thought that you would like to know.

I’m at Meijer today since it’s Super Double coupons again. I got some $1/1 McCain coupons at Kroger, and Meijer has them for $2.69. They also have a Buy 2, get $1 Meijer Fuel reward. That makes the final price 19 cents a bag. I’ve gotten them for a better price, but that’s not bad, especially considering that we eat them a lot, and if we run out, then I get *pressured* to buy more, occasionally for full price .

So, the fuel rewards don’t print out. I head up to Customer Service. I’m not that optimistic since the guy up there is a meanie. Some of you may remember back in August when I went through the line of a cashier who was on his first day on the job. This is the same guy. Apparently in 3 months he has been promoted to customer service dude. He seems to be fairly intelligent, but I don’t know if he remembers me and doesn’t like me, or if he just doesn’t like coupons, or if he thinks all couponers are out to scam and cheat him, or what, but I’ve had nothing but problems with him.

In fact, some of my coupons from my lunch trip today didn’t work right, so I was going to go to Customer Service when I first got there to fix that, but when I saw that it was him at the desk, I didn’t even want to waste my time… So in any case, I go up there to try and get my fuel rewards. He brings out the fuel rewards sheet, where it says

“McCain Bites, Fries or Roasters All Varieties 24 or 28 oz (Buy 2) – $1.00″. He then asks to see my fries, which I show him, and he tells me that what I bought were not fries. I ask him what they were, and he said they were “Spirals”. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with him so I just took my leave and will try my luck tomorrow with someone else…

Update: I went to a different Meijer today (day after). Here’s how the conversation went (paraphrasing since I don’t remember exactly)

Me: Last time I was here my Meijer Fuel Rewards didn’t print out
Customer Service Lady: The what?
Me: The Meijer Gas rewards
CSL: Oh. What was it for?
Me: McCain French Fries, Buy 2 Get $1.00, and I bought 4.
CSL: So you need $2
Me: Yep.
CSL: I’m just going to give you 2 dollars cash.
Me: Okay.


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