It’s golden baby!

Yes folks we’re talking about silence. First of all, the silence of TPMHTDM. Things have been kind of busy for me lately. I’ve been taking some orientation classes at H&R Block, which have me somewhat busy at nights. And on the nights I’m home, I’ve been spending some quality time with the fam (and playing Civ too, of course). But I’m sure you’re all excited to hear from me now. I’ve been meaning to blog about some things lately but just haven’t gotten around to it.

But all that is just an aside to my main topic, which also has to do with silence. More specifically, people talk way more than they need to. An example: I’m in the elevator at work and it’s kind of full. We go up to the 3rd floor and start to get out. As we are getting out, some people come in and one of them remarks, “It’s kind of full “. Thank you, thank you for your comment. I mean it’s not that there’s anything wrong with saying that, I guess. It’s just that it’s OKAY TO BE SILENT. You don’t *have* to say something at every turn.

Another example that I have done before and seen countless people do (I bet you do it too). At least I’ve noticed that I do this and am trying to stop doing it. Picture this – you’re walking down the hall, or down the street or wherever, when you realize that you’re going the wrong way. It could be that you’re lost, or took a wrong turn or whatever. Most everyone that I’ve seen will, when they turn around, audibly say (maybe somewhat under the breath) something like “whoops” or “ooh i’m goign the wrong way” or whatever. I’m not sure if it’s just so that anybody that happens to be watching knows that they’re not just careening around like a drunken sailor or what, but EVERYONE does this.

And finally. Carolyn and I are watching trick shot billiards on ESPN. I mean that, in and of itself, could be its own blog topic, but it’s not (at least not right now). So anyway, we’re watching and one of the trick shots was to jump the cue ball off the table AND INTO A BOOT! Yes, into a boot. It was about a 12 foot distance. They showed some video of this guy Mike Massey actually making the shot a few years ago. Neither of the guys on the show we were watching made the shot. They in fact showed several replays of one of them (whose name I believe was Stefano Pelinga) missing the boot by about 6 inches (with the cue ball going over the top of the boot). Then, one of the announcers says, and I quote, “Oh if he had only shot that about 6 inches lower he would have made it” GEE DO YOU THINK? Sheesh.

In any case, I call on all of my loyal readers (all 4 of you) to think about what you’re saying, and if it does not need to be said, then CENSOR YOURSELF!

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    i know you must think i talk to much. as for the elevator thing, people like to say stuff when they feel embarrassed or awkward. it breaks up the weirdness. and who doesn’t talk to themselves sometimes? people are talking to themselves all the time in their heads. it’s only natural that sometimes the words actually come out of their mouths too. i guess i’m just trying to defend all the people in the world, like me, who like to talk. i’d like to think that what i’m saying is usually worth while, though sometimes the things i say are just silly. i guess you’ll just have to put up with us talkers. or you could join the club. :)

  2. annahannah wrote:


  3. annahannah wrote:

    so are you still so silent you cannot post???

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