The People must have even more of their Dan Miller

So, one thing I’ve been doing lately is participating in an online web quest / treasure hunt about The Da Vinci code.

As you may or may not know, the Da Vinci code is coming out in theaters in a few weeks. One of the marketing things that they’re doing is a big ol puzzle with the winner getting some cool prizes. There are 24 different puzzles, one each day leading up to the movie’s release – they’re on Puzzle #8 today.

So far, I have not been that impressed – the puzzles have been pretty easy, but hopefully they will be getting a bit harder as we get further along

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    can there be more than one winner? and what is the final prize?

  2. dan wrote:

    I think the top 10,000 get a “cryptex” which is kind of a tool used to hide a secret – google it if you want.

    The grand prize is like 4 trips around to various places in the world, and a car, and a big TV and a whole bunch of other things

  3. dan wrote:

    Here’s a link to the grand prize

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