Final teriyaki totals

The final day of the Kikkoman teriyaki deal was yesterday. Actually, I think the final day is today, but obviously I won’t be shopping today, so my participation is done. I did a brief look-through to see my final totals:

114 bottles at Kroger when they were $1.49
110 bottles at Kroger when they were $1.89
38 bottles at Meijer – price of $1.37

Total price, including 262 .55/1 coupons was $167.82. Those 262 bottles printed out 131 $3 off your next shopping order Catalinas, for a total profit of $225.18. Not bad for a few weeks work :-) .

All in all, I visited 15 different Krogers (Madeira, Mariemont, Milford, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Harpers Point, West Chester, Loveland, Landen, Mason, Kings Mills, Finneytown, North College Hill, Norwood, and Hyde Park). Some of them I visited multiple times, and also 3 Meijers.

Anybody need any teriyaki sauce? :-D

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  1. BenesHacha wrote:

    That was my next question…who on earth NEEDS that much teriyaki sauce? That’s like enough for the rest of your LIFE!

  2. dan wrote:

    Yeah I need to get rid of the teriyaki sauce. I did it for the 400 bucks, obviously, but one unwanted side effect is that I now have 262 bottles of teriyaki…

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