August 2006 Super Double Coupons report

Here’s a final accounting of the week’s activities. I didn’t think it would be that good of a week, since I wasn’t very prepared. Frankly, I had given up on them doing super doubles again. The last time was 12/11-12/17/2005. I still had a few rainchecks and such that worked out well, and along with the sales from the week, we got some good stuff.

Where I missed out is that a lot of time, there are good deals on regular prices. For example, Gum toothbrushes are usually free with $1/1 coupons – so if I’m expecting a Super Doubles, I can get Gum Toothbrush coupons, so I have them when the week starts. This week I had to wait till my coupons arrived in the mail. Most of mine came on Wednesday and Thursday, though one annoying set didn’t come until Saturday.

Here’s the final breakdown, ranked from most money spent to best moneymakers

  • 8 Jif Peanut Butter ($5.34) – on sale for $1.67 and $1/2 coupons. Not a great deal, but 67 cents for peanut butter is not bad – and we eat a lot
  • Tax of $3.88
  • 10 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes ($2.30) – $2.09-$2.29 with $1/1 blinkies at Kroger
  • 38 Kid Cuisine ($1.00) – These went on sale on Thursday for $1, and there were .50/1 blinkies at Kroger. I had to pay $1 on one of them because the cashier messed up with one of my Pop-Tarts rainchecks and if I had given her my last Kid Cuisine coupon, it would have made my bill negative. Rather than have to deal with that, I just ate the buck.
  • 10 Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce ($0.80) – 20% off, which I think made them $1.08, with $1/2 any OEP coupon
  • 20 Post Cereal Bars ($0.50) – These ended up being 10 cents each after being on sale for $1.50 with .70/1 coupons. Plus I could use some of them for my Buy 10 Post products get a $10 rebate
  • 1 Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread ($0.50) – $2.50 with $1/1 peelie – a present for the Mrs. :-)
  • 10 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste ($0.00) – These were the coupons that didn’t come till Saturday. I still have 10 more coupons, with a raincheck for super doubles week, so hopefully I can pick those up next week.
  • 40 Totino’s Pizza Rolls ($0.00) – $1 with $1/2 coupons. There’s also .50/1 printables but I didn’t use any of those
  • 3 Hefty Trash Bags ($0.00) – Used 3 of the coupons that I got for complaining about how the Hefty bags I bought awhile back always broke. I still have one more left.
  • 9 Crest Toothpaste ($0.00) – Had 9 coupons left from when they were 10/$10 last week at Kroger. Crest was $1.97 this week at Meijer so it worked out nice
  • 4 Bertolli Pasta Sauce ($0.00) – These were on sale for $2 and I had 4 $1/1 winetags that I picked up at a Kroger while I was on vacation in Virginia
  • 1 Emery Board ($-1.12) – Oh Sally Hansen how I love thee. Unfortunately, at the 3 Meijers I visited, there was only one of my favorite peelie.
  • 2 Frosted Mini Wheats ($-1.33) – Bought these because I needed to buy 10 Kellogg’s products on the same receipt to qualify for my $10 rebate. Otherwise there is NO way I’d pay 33 cents for cereal :-)
  • 34 Old El Paso Refried Beans ($-1.72) – Be good to not have to buy these for awhile. Since the Mrs. is vegetarian, we eat a lot of refried beans. These were on sale for 20% off. Oddly enough, at the Tylersville Meijer they were 79 cents, but at the Ridge and Fields Ertel ones they were $1.03.
  • 8 Post Cinnamon Bunches of Oats ($-4.50) – Would have had 2 more, but I lent out 2 coupons to one of my co-workers, but then his coupons didn’t come in the mail by the end of the work week, so I got stiffed. Since this is a new flavor, there were $1/1 coupons instead of the standard $1/2 cereal coupons
  • 10 Pillsbury Rolls ($-7.69) – I had a raincheck left over for buy 10 Pillsbury Crescent / Sweet rolls for 99 cents each and get a $10 coupon on your next shopping order (from when they did that deal a few weeks back). When I got back home, she only charged me for 9.
  • 76 Pop Tarts 8 ct ($-8.06) – Ah it feels good to have the Pop-Tarts shelf full again. We had probably this many about 9-10 months ago, only to eat them all. We made due with some Go-Tarts, but even those were running out. This was .75/2 coupons, with B1G1F rainchecks. Plus Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Blueberry gave a $1 coupon for Meijer gas for every 4 bought.
  • 16 Eggo Waffles ($-12.06) – on sale for 99 cents, plus B1G1F rainchecks, and $1/2 coupons. Also used 4 of these for the Kellogg’s rebate
  • 25 Post Honey Bunches of Oats ($-14.00) – On sale for $1.50, plus B1G1F rainchecks, plus $1/2 coupons. Now that I think about it, some of these might be the Cinnamon ones.

All in all, a good week. The final total was $676.42 of groceries for -$33.67. Stay tuned later today or tomorrow for some pictures of the newly stocked, newly cleaned, Miller General Store

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