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It’s been awhile since I posted about some grocery adventures. To tell the truth, it’s been awhile since I’ve even DONE much grocery adventuring. I’m not sure if it’s just been a dearth of good deals, or just a lack of desire, or if it was my coupon book being stolen, or some combination of the 3, but I’ve paid full price for some things lately!!!! I know, I know, the horror! And the General Store has been dwindling too as we’ve eaten a lot of our surplus – it doesn’t look quite like this anymore. Though there is definitely that much teriyaki still :-)

Anyways, we went to Meijer this morning, as we typically do. And while this deal was not quite up to Dan Miller standards, it was pretty good for recent activities.

The background: Kraft has a deal at Meijer where if you buy 6 Kraft items, you get a coupon for $4 off your next order. (You can also buy 4 for $2 or 5 for $3 but 6/$4 is the best deal). Additionally, I had picked up a bunch of $1/3 Kraft coupons at Kroger when I was there last.

Also, when I got there, I saw that Meijer was having a 2-day sale where if you bought $25 of stuff you got a $5 coupon off your next order. I figured that this was before coupons as these deals usually are. So naturally I figured to split up my order into $25 increments. I’m really surprised more people don’t do that in situations like this. Though I guess it does pay to be able to calculate $25 in your head :-)

I ended up with 5 separate orders, whose totals (before coupons) were $26.01, $25.82, $28.70, $25.28, and $26.52. In addition to $89.27 of in-store savings (sale prices and such), my gross grocery total was $221.60.

So, taking $221.60, we subtract out the $89.27 of in-store savings (big winners were the Kraft Cheese being on sale for $1.67 and Dynamo at B1G2F). Then I got 5 $5 off coupons for next week (though it looks like I will annoyingly have to use them in 5 separate orders), 5 $4 off coupons from Kraft and 1 $1 Fuel reward from buying 4 pop-tarts (the fuel reward sheet says it’s supposedly only for the 12-ct, but I’ve found that certain flavors of the 8-ct – at least blueberry and brown sugar cinnamon will also give you a $1 Fuel Reward). Then there were 3 $3/5 Mueller Pasta coupons (though they only gave me up to the price of the 1/2 price pasta and even that I had to fight for, so $7.50), plus the 10 $1/3 Kraft coupons and a coupon that had spit out for me last week for a free hot pocket ($2.35), and topping it off was a $10 coupon for a transferred prescription that I had used to get some prenatal vitamins, and the net total was $56.48, for a savings of $165.12, or 74.5%.

A few notes – the Kraft was on sale for $1.67 (for 8 oz shredded). After my coupon, the 6/$4 deal, and considering it counts for 10/25 of $5 off (or $2) it makes my price $2 for 6 of them, or 33 cents a bag. A very good deal for shredded. American cheese slices were also on sale, but it was the 24 oz for $2.50, so I only bought 3 of those because we’re out.

Also, they have coupons for $10 off any new and transferred prescriptions on the back of their ad this week – I picked up a bunch to use in the upcoming weeks / months. It pays to keep transferring your prescriptions around, and pretty much all the places (Kroger, Meijer and CVS at least) will accept competitor’s pharmacy coupons.

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