Meijer trip

So Meijer has a deal going on this week where if you buy $15 of participating General Mills products, you get a coupon for $10 off your next shopping order. The $15 is before coupons, so it’s really not that difficult to get your bill under $10, qualifying it as a moneymaker.

So I’m there after work this afternoon, and Carolyn and the kiddoes are meeting me there. I got there first and have the cart filled up, but I was waiting to check out in case we had any weekly groceries that we needed. In the cart were 3 orders. Each one had $15 of groceries, 7 $1 off coupons, meaning that I would make $2 on each order.

So I’m waiting out by the entrance for the rest of the fam, and I think “Hey I should go outside and see if they’re here yet and see if I can help unload the kids and such.” I start to go outside and realize I haven’t paid for my groceries yet, so I had to stop.

But then I think, actually, if Meijer were smart, they would just LET me walk out without paying for my groceries. That actually would SAVE them $6! :-D

In any case they soon showed up and I “paid” for my groceries.

Dan’s first law of the Internet

Dan’s first law of the Internet says:

“No matter how much you like something, there’s someone out there that likes it more, and already has a website about it”

This is a law that I have had for quite some time, but I was reminded of it by this comic by the good folks at Wondermark.

(Note if you can’t see the whole comic due to the stupid sidebar, just click on it and it will open up in a full screen)