More training fun

So, although I have made several copious blog posts over on my OTHER blog, I thought I’d take the time to bust out a quick one for some non-county related topics. Yes, there are some actual non-county related things taking up processing power in my brain.

1. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier blog post or not, but one of the handy little computer-related tricks is the fact that Ctrl-Backspace will delete an entire word. I have become quite addicted to this little feature, which is nearly universally implemented in all Windows programs. Oh, EXCEPT NOTEPAD, which is what I am using to compose this little ditty. In Notepad, instead you just get a little special character, which I then have to delete as well.

2. I went out and ran Monday morning. The hotel where I’m staying is in the middle of a pretty commercialized area. Think Fields Ertel or Great Northern mall. When I asked the clerk at the front desk if there was anywhere I could run, she kind of looked at me funny. Undaunted, I ran on sidewalks and through parking lots. I did actually find my way into a residential development, and ran over there. About 20 minutes in, I was trying to find my way back to my hotel but I was kind of lost. Well, I wasn’t really LOST, since I knew (more or less) where I was. I just didn’t know how to get back to where I wanted to BE. Important distinction! Eventually I just retraced my steps, which meant that I ran / walked about 4.4 miles.

3. The actual training class itself is going pretty well – I am enjoying learning about Websphere Portal, and there really are some pretty cool things that you can do with it.

4. So, before I say this one, let me just make a comment about gossiping in general. I try not to gossip too much. Really I do. This is actually something that the Mrs. and I have talked about several times. It is our feeling that there are a lot of people that gossip an awful lot, more than they probably “should” and a lot more than they think they are. Especially that one so-and-so. Oh my gosh does she talk a lot and did you SEE the outfit she was wearing!?! :-)

Anyway, so while I would count what I am about to say as slightly gossipy, I think it doesn’t count quite as much since it’s about someone that nobody that reads this blog is ever going to meet. Hopefully said person will not see my blog address over my shoulder, read it out of curiosity, and find that the first post is about him! :-)

So… I’m talking to one of the guys as class was ending on Monday afternoon. He is mentioning how he keeps falling asleep in class. I, having noticed that, made the joke that I thought that he was just “concentrating really hard”. Then he starts talking abou how he has a lot of things going on in his life and he’s tired a lot. He’s got some kids, and he’s single, and working a lot. So far, so good. But then he says “and I’m probably dating too many people…” Wha-huh? Where did that come from?!?!?

5. IF YOU ARE IN THE BATHROOM DO NOT ANSWER YOUR CELL PHONE! IF YOU ARE TALKING ON YOUR CELL PHONE DO NOT COME INTO THE BATHROOM! This first law has been long-standing. And it has been violated numerous times, and I’ve really wondered why people feel the need to answer while sitting on the throne? Are you so important that you MUST be reachable at every second of the day? Are people’s lives hanging in the balance, and if you can’t give the OK on your cell phone they will be executed? This second part I thought was pretty obvious and didn’t really need to be explicitly stated, until today. I’m walking to the bathroom and some guy (not in my class – just some other guy that works in the same building) walks into the bathroom talking on his cell phone. So I naturally did what I normally do whenever I’m in the bathroom with someone talking on the phone – peed loudly and flushed as many times as possible without looking too obvious (in this case just once since he was at the urinal right next to me). I feel like it is my duty to try and let whoever is on the phone know that he is talking to a cell-phone bathroom person. Let’s step back and take a look at this. You’re on the phone, and you can’t hold it for 5 minutes? I mean I’ve certainly been in situations when I REALLY have to go, but those are typically situations where a bathroom is not available, like say trying to visit 88 Ohio counties in 24 hours. Perhaps I am atypical or coming out of left field here, but when I am in a situation where a bathroom is readily available (like say at work in an office building), I don’t typically let myself reach the point where relieving my bladder becomes so urgent.