Skip this post if you’re not Mormon

So I subscribe to a couple of Mormon-themed blogs. Most of the times their contents don’t interest me a whole lot.

But here’s one that I found quite funny. Feel free to look at it if you’re not Mormon but you’re not going to find it funny I bet.

Conference and Rumors of Conference – it’s a list (mostly madeup) of speculations of some “big” announcement that they will announce at General conference next weekend. Read the comments too as they have some funny ones.

Okay, let me throw my copious amounts of non-mormon reader (sic) a bone:

So I’ve been at this training for 3 days now, and it’s on the 6th floor of an office building. There is a bank of 6 elevators, 3 on each side. And every time I go up or down, I cannot figure out which way I need to go. It takes me a few seconds to orient myself. It’s kind of weird.

And… after I just wrote this post referencing an Allan Sherman song (“Good Advice“), I walk downstairs to the deli, and what do I hear on the speakers? “Downtown” by Petula Clark, a song also parodied by Allan Sherman (“Crazy Downtown“). Weird.