Stop the madness!

So this week is March Madness. And I really don’t care!! Yesterday was Selection Sunday, the day that they announce who is going to play where and when and all that. In past years, I have sat down in front of the TV watching this eagerly, usually with pen and paper in hand.

So this year, I don’t know if it’s the lack of a TV (though I could have watched it on the little TV since it was on CBS) or the fact that the Bearcats stink, or (more likely) some combination of the 2, but it came and went without ado in the Miller house.

So this Thursday and Friday are the big March Madness days. In previous years, I’ve taken the afternoons off and watched the games on both TV and computer, swapping between various games. This year, I’m not sure what I will do. One convenient factor is that our recycle challenge starts today, so I have the option of going down there and watching the games on the TV down there (at work).

In other news, I would like to echo a comment Carolyn made the other day. It’s not so much how old my oldest child is getting (almost 7!) that makes me feel old – it’s how big my 3rd child is getting!

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Comments (3) left to “Stop the madness!”

  1. annahannah wrote:

    why 3rd and not 4th??

  2. Carolyn wrote:

    Because our 4rd child isn’t so old yet. But our dear, sweet 3rd child is getting to be such a big boy that it makes me feel dang old! :-)

  3. Carolyn wrote:

    I hope you really didn’t miss all your march madness, madness. Because I must say, I was happy to not have you glued to the TV and computer all day. It has been quite nice around here with minimal TV watching. And we are learning very quickly that life goes on (very well) even if we miss shows on TV.

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