In which Kroger tries to screw me, part 2

Went to the store last night, and one of the items on the list was cottage cheese. Get back to the dairy section and voila, big sign saying Kroger Sour Cream, Dips, and Cottage Cheese, 16 oz, 4/$5. But there’s no cottage cheese in that display. So I go over to the main area where the cottage cheese is, and it’s all listed at $1.85.

I ask the friendly neighborhood Kroger employee which is the cottage cheese that’s 4/$5, and he has no clue and vaguely points to the 16 oz stuff. So I take that, knowing full well it’s going to scan at $1.85. As I take it I sing a little song to myself – “Free, free, free cottage cheeeeese”

Sure enough it does ring up $1.85, and so I head to customer service. I explain things and the CS rep calls back. The person back there must have been looking at the sign near the cottage cheese and says it’s marked $1.85, so I offer to take the CS lady back to show her. We walk back and sure enough it’s 4/$5.

So we go back to Customer Service and thanks to Kroger’s Scan Right guarantee, I get a full refund of $1.85. In other words free, free, freeeeeeee cottage cheese.

Sometimes in the couponing world you just gotta fight for your right (to party). Practice on easy times like this when you’re clearly right, so that you build up confidence to fight in more gray areas.

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    Good for you honey. But this is clearly the kind of stuff that I would never fight for if I had all four of our kids in tow. The $1.85 would not be worth my time then. I guess that’s one of the many reasons why you’re the shopper in the family. Go you!

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Have you ever tried Goetta with your cottage cheese? Kroger typically has some good deals on the Goetta.

  3. Shanna wrote:

    These are exactly the scenarios where I need to practice my assertiveness. I can’t believe that I put off returning to Kroger to point out MANY incorrectly rung up items on one receipt that probably would have resulted in a few free items as well as a $4 refund. I console myself, however, with the fact that I needed to quickly send off a rebate form with THAT receipt in it so that I could get my $10 payload. It is hard to respect oneself after losing $4 and some free food, though. I would urge any who read this to not follow my mistake but to ACTIVELY PURSUE what is rightfully yours!

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