Breakin the law…breakin the law law law

So I was heading up to the Y this morning to work out. I actually got out a little earlier than I normally do because I wanted to swing by our new house to take some pictures of the tree that they chopped down last week.

So then I was heading up to the Y when the light in front of me turned yellow. I thought I could make it so I continued onward. Either I was further than I thought, or the yellow was shorter, but the light was awful red as I went under it.

To make matters worse, as I went through the intersection, I noticed the first car to my right was a police car. It wasn’t a regular car but one of those SUV types. As I pondered whether or not those kind of cars would do regular traffic stops and whether or not he was coming to get me, I looked up in my rear-view mirror and noticed that the car behind me had apparently been following “Marv’s Rule” (“If the guy in front of you can make it…. so can you”)

Sure enough, the policeman pulled out and nabbed the car behind me, as I skated away…mwahahaha

Then as I get to the Y, I scan in with my key-card and as I’m walking in to the locker room I thought I heard the lady at the front desk say “Dan Miller”. I thought “Hmm that’s weird” and then as I continued to walk in I continue to hear faint “Dan Miller”s. So I walk back out and there’s a guy saying that they are looking for Dan Miller. I indicated that was me and they said I had a phone call. Naturally I worry that somebody has died or something but it was just Carolyn, indicating that I had a dentist appointment uhhhh right now.

So I didn’t get to work out and I remain somewhere around 150 miles to goal with 13 days left (including today). Annoyingly my cycling log is being transferred to some other website so I have to wait for them to transfer over my data.

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Comments (5) left to “Breakin the law…breakin the law law law”

  1. annahannah wrote:

    that was your one “gottaway”. don’t count on it lasting

  2. Ryan wrote:

    I am always amazed when I narrowly run a yellow light and look in my rearview mirror to find that the guy behind me also “got through” the intersection. I’m always like, bullCRAP that was barely yellow for me, no way it was still yellow for you!

  3. Carey wrote:

    You’ve have to be careful stopping at yellows because of those “if he’s going I’m going” people. One of them might rear-end you!

  4. dan wrote:

    That was in fact how I got into my last car accident.

    A guy didn’t merge onto the highway when he clearly SHOULD have. And so I went but he was still there so I hit him

  5. Carolyn wrote:

    maybe you should try looking before you start driving. mister miller

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