Logic puzzles

So I’ve been doing some logic puzzles lately. It started off with a visit over to our friend Shanna’s. She had one of those Dell Logic Puzzle magazines, and so I started doing one of the puzzles in there. She let me take it home where I’m sure I violated several laws by making copies of the harder logic puzzles. I only like the harder ones because I find the easier ones too easy. To me, essentially all of the easier puzzles are the same puzzle, just with different words. But that’s because I’m a nerd like that.

Anyways, one of the things I’ve done over the past year or so is create my own logic puzzles. I did a bit of research and found the submission guidelines for Dell Magazines as well as for Penny Press, who, oddly enough, happen to be run by the same company. So I submitted one of the puzzles that I had created and we shall see. Their rates are $30 for an easy puzzle up to $125 for the hardest (5-star) puzzle. I’m not sure how they determine that but I think the one that I sent was a 5-star one. Though frankly I expect it would take me less time to do 4 easy puzzles than create one hard one.

But it would be a fun way to earn a bit of extra income.

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  1. annahannah wrote:

    go, income!!

  2. Braden wrote:

    I love logic puzzles, but here’s my problem: I do them to relax and have some fun and stretch my brain a little, but the easy ones are boring because they are no challenge at all and when I solve it I feel like I didn’t do anything special, whereas the hard ones are fun for a while but then when I hit that wall, it stops being fun and starts being stressful and then I go on a shooting rampage at the local mall, and jail cells can get pretty cold at night.

  3. dan wrote:

    Yeah you gotta find that “sweet spot” of difficulty. There are some hard ones that I can’t solve (or at least haven’t solved yet) but usually if I plug at it for awhile I get to “the point” where it all starts falling into place.

  4. Aaron wrote:

    Just a point of order–that was MY book of logic puzzles. Shanna stole it from me.

  5. dan wrote:

    She claimed you got it for her when she was in the hospital (maybe when giving birth).

    She made it sound like you were oh so sweet for doing it. But I guess you’re just an old meanie head then :)

  6. Anonymous wrote:

    You give up after six questions and move on to logic puzzles from a “borrowed” and xeroxed logic puzzle. I’m either offended, jilted, or maybe frightening you too much.

    An unasked for clue: I’ve been out of town and just tonight found a wi-fi spot to check into some blogs.

  7. dan wrote:

    I didn’t forget about you! I…uh… okay I forgot.

    Actually I had your email (comment) in my inbox for awhile intending to respond, but I must have deleted it because it’s now gone.

    It is my intention to create a separate post to detail this 20 questions saga so that our back and forth comments aren’t lost and spread out between multiple posts.

    Stay tuned…..

    PS and if I forget again, please remind me (again). I actually am pretty interested in trying to figure out who you are and you are not frightening me.

  8. Carolyn wrote:

    oh anonymous, get a life. do you have nothing better to do than hope dan figures out who you are? I don’t know why you’ve got to be all anonymous anyway. what are you hiding for? are you some sort of stalker/criminal??

  9. Carolyn wrote:

    and yes. I am a big meany-head.

    and cranky too. and I randomly used upper case letters to boot!

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