More toilet fun

Well then since we all seem to be so enamored with talking about toilets, let me offer up some rules for everyone.

The Toilet Rules

The toilet is not a toy.

Toilet paper is not a toy.

After I use the bathroom I get 3 squares of toilet paper.

I count the squares: 1-2-3.

I tear off only 3 squares of toilet paper.

I wipe myself.

If I am still dirty, I can count 3 more squares of toilet paper.

I count the squares: 1-2-3.

I tear off the 3 squares of toilet paper again.

I wipe myself some more.

I am clean.

I do not play with the toilet paper.

I flush the toilet one time.

I do not put a lot toilet paper in the toilet.

Helpful information, wouldn’t you agree? No reason for sharing at all… Nobody in our house dumped an entire double roll of toilet paper in the toilet. Nope, nobody at all. Though if somebody DID do such a thing, I bet it was one of those “wants the seat down” type people…..

The mistake I made was trying to plunge it before reaching in to try to de-clog. Carolyn informed me of this after the fact. Why yes, this isn’t the first or even close to the first time such a thing has happened.

Luckily we are borrowing a wet-dry vacuum from a friend (originally for our basement cleanout). Came in very handy today. The trick was not to just suck all the water out but instead to shove the vacuum end all the way as far as it would reach BEFORE turning it on. It took a few tries but eventually we sucked that TP all the way out.

Oh and in case you were wondering, basement grime mixed with toilet paper is VERY disgusting…