New house drywall

They got the drywall (mostly) on to the new house. I went by this morning and snapped some pics. They did most of the rest of the drywalling today and I guess will be back on Tuesday to finish off the exterior walls. So…. good times!

Here’s the view from the kitchen, looking out to the new family room. To the left are the stairs going up (and the stairs going down are just to its left, off camera). You can also see the mud room back there. The 2 wood 2x4s are coming down eventually. The 2 drywalled columns just to the right of the stairs we’re going to drywall into one column since they are so close together.

And here’s the opposite view from the edge of the family room, looking back into the kitchen. Sure makes the kitchen seem a lot bigger! Again, all those wood 2x4s will be taken down, and that track lighting will be replaced with canned lighting similar to the ones you can see in the ceiling of the family room in the first picture.

They’ve installed the bathtub upstairs. They were going to install the other one but it was damaged so we have to take it back to Lowe’s and exchange it.

Here’s the view from the family room looking into the mud room and out the back door. The archway is to match the several archways that are in the existing house.

Still looking at a May move-in (hopefully!)