Kroger part 2

Okay – many of you have commented in on my last post, wanting to know if Kroger had indeed gotten the best of me.


In fact, I’m hurt that you could even suggest such a thing. They caved like a master spelunker. It actually wasn’t even that hard. I called up to the Kroger 1-800 customer service line. Spoke to a lady there, explained my situation, and she added it to my plus card like that.

We talked for a little while and I thought I would share a few things. I asked if there was indeed a limit on how many of these pharmacy coupons you could use. She said that she thought there was a limit of $60 but that the pharmacist could override that. She said that they typically would override it for good customers, such as myself (her words).

Then she started talking about how they have that limit there because some people would just take advantage of things. She said that there shouldn’t be a problem for good, loyal customers such as myself (she said this several times during our conversation).

Then she delivered the money line, which went something like:

“Because you know, some people just use these coupons to get free groceries and that’s just not right”


She’s right – free groceries aren’t right – it’s better when they pay you! That happened Friday afternoon – got a whole load of stuff and after coupons, and the buy 10 get $5 off promotion and some of those pharmacy rewards, my total came out to -$0.36. It’s always funny when they’re like “Okay your total is 36 cents” and I have to be like “Uhhhh actually YOU owe ME 36 cents” :-) .

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