The middle number’s an 8!

Yup that middle number is now an 8. Again. For now.

I’ve been in the middle of my revolutionary weight loss program – “Eat less; exercise more”. It’s been going pretty well as you can see below. Blue line is my actual daily weights – Green line is the “trend” line which is just a weighted average.

I was down to 188.4 on Sunday morning (slightly up this morning). I’m shooting for 170.

I am trying to get this weight loss pic on my blog somehow as a widget so that I can be accountable and that you can all follow along with me, but it’s not working so well.

I’m actually considering moving from Blogger over to WordPress.

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Comments (4) left to “The middle number’s an 8!”

  1. annahannah wrote:

    so what did you eat april 19 or 20?

  2. dan wrote:

    Yeah I don’t know what happened there. There wasn’t any kind of big binge-fest. My guess is that the scale just was kind of wicky. Sometimes our scale (although it is a digital) gives different numbers if you step on it different ways.

  3. Carolyn wrote:

    I wanna move to a new blog home too. If only someone would help me. And if only we weren’t so busy every night painting and junk.

  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Congratulations. The trend certainly looks good. Perhaps that “blip” on the 18th of April was from carbo-loading for your triathalon?
    Dad G.

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