I would appreciate your leaving a comment on this post

So here's a snippet of something that we got in the mail the other day.  Read it and then tell me if you think this is something mandatory.

I'll leave a comment with some more details but I'm interested in your first thoughts on whether or not this is mandatory.

Dear <someone>,

We would appreciate your <doing some stuff>


So what do you think – mandatory?  suggestion? otherwise?

More coiny goodness

Thought I would update you on my change race.  I’m up to $1.90 in change now.  I’ve gotten a few people at work interested and we’re racing, though we are still trying to figure out the exact details and rules and such.

Jeff left me a comment on my Bike ride home post that he found 6 cents on his ride to work the other day, so it’s good to see the madness spreading!!