So on my way to work today I saw one of those ARTIMIS signs on 71 northbound. It said

Work Crew ahead
North of Rest Area
Expect Long Delays

As I drove past I thought well isn't that one of the most worthless messages ever? The only rest area I can think of is the one right by the crossing of the Little Miami river about mile marker 40 (or about 25 miles north of the sign).

So any regular commuting traffic will be off the highway by the time that they get there (and true to that thought I saw no delays during my trip, long or otherwise).

And any travelers passing through, that might be affected by the so-called long delays, won't have any idea where the rest area is or when to expect delays!!

I'd have replaced the whole 2nd line with something like Mile Marker 40. Then it becomes at least somewhat useful.

As a side note, I have recently started taking advantage of blogger's "blog email" address – where you can send an email to a particular address and it just automatically blogs it for you. You don't have all the formatting options that you have in Blogger's GUI but I am finding it useful for quick, shorter posts.