Hitting for the coin cycle

Yes, yesterday was a great day in the coin finding world. While it seems obvious to me, allow me to explain that hitting for the coin cycle in this case means finding a penny, nickel, dime and quarter, all in the same day. I mixed my sports metaphors last night while explaining it to Carolyn calling it a “coin hat trick” which I guess would be finding at least 3 coins (maybe of the same kind) in the same day?

Found a penny at work on the ground at the cafeteria. Then my son found a dime in the driveway (which we had previously ruled would count). Then the goldmine at the park for soccer practice. There was a quarter stuck in the coin slot of one of the pop vending machines. It was jammed in there too tightly for fingers, but Carolyn was able to snag it with some nail clippers

Then she also grabbed another quarter from the ground underneath the pop machines and alerted me to a nickel also down there. It was pretty far back there so I grabbed a stick to try and bring it closer in. Complicating things are that these vending machines are behind a fence-type cage, with only cutouts for the areas where you would put in coins / take out snacks / pop, etc. So it was an awkward angle trying to get that nickel, and eventually I gave up that the stick was just not going to cut it. Carolyn then reminded me of the ice scraper in my car, so I went and got that. It was definitely up to the task and the coin cycle was complete.

Total on the day – 66 cents, a definite record, and brings up the total to $3.86.