If you start talking to me after I say goodbye….

…I am going to hang up on you.

This happens all the time when I am on the phone with various companies, for call center / customer service type things. We do our business, complete the transaction or what have you and then I say something along the lines of “Thank you so much”, in the tone that means “this is the end”.

This is their cue to immediately launch into some spiel about either thanking me for being a customer or trying to upsell me on some related product or whatever. Frankly I don’t know what all it is because I HANG UP THE PHONE!

People (and really it’s companies because I’m sure these folks are just doing what their bosses are making them do / say) – the appropriate reponses to “Thank you so much” and the ending tone are:

a) You’re welcome
b) Have a nice day
c) Good-bye.

That is all.

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Comments (2) left to “If you start talking to me after I say goodbye….”

  1. Carey wrote:

    What happens if it’s with a family member? My mom will regularly tell me “well, I’ll let you go,” and then she’ll immediately bring up another topic.

  2. dan wrote:

    If she ends the conversation, then she is allowed to keep talking.

    But in general I think there is more leniency with family and friends

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