Fantasy football dilemma

So this week begins my fantasy football league’s playoffs.  Now of course almost nobody outside of the 8 of us really cares, but this is MY blog so I’ll write about it if I want.

After losing my first 2 games, I won 9 of the next 10 to go to 9-3 and first place.  I celebrated by losing my last 2 games of the year, leaving me at 9-5 and in 2nd place.

So this week I play another 9-5 team but I have some running back (RB) dilemmas.  We are able to start 2, and I have Maurice Jones-Drew solidly in one spot.  But I have many options for the #2 spot.

  • Joseph Addai.  He’d be a great start against the Lions.  But…. he hurt his wittle shoulder and won’t play
  • Brandon Jacobs.  He’s who I’ve been starting for the year.  But…. he is also not playing.
  • Tashard Choice (DAL).  I picked him up recently but it looks like Marion Barber is going to play.  Plus this game doesn’t happen till 8:15 making it risky.  Of course not that that matters since I have to set my lineup before I leave for church at like 10:30
  • Larry Johnson.  After doing so well last year and being one of my keepers, he has stunk it up all year.
  • Maurice Morris.  Another recent pickup – he plays the Rams who stink, but is stuck in a platoon so he might not get many carries.
  • Darren Sproles.  Plays Larry Johnson and the Chiefs but despite a lot of success, he’s still just the 2nd option behind Tomlinson

I’ve probably had all of these guys in my lineup (except Sproles) at various times during the week but have shifted it around.  I currently have Johnson in.  I just hope that either I win, or I lose by enough that it wouldn’t have mattered who I started.

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