The price of milk at UDF

Okay – gotta share this. I called up UDF this morning. They have an ongoing promotion where if you fill up with 8 gallons of gas, you get a gallon of milk for pretty cheap. But the price changes every month, so sometimes it’s a good deal and sometimes it’s not that great. So I called up this morning to see what their price for December was.

Guy answered and I asked the question. He responded that it was $2.39 but if you wanted to buy 2, it was cheaper not to use the gas receipt and just buy them regular price, which was 2/$5.

I paused and scratched my head and asked, “But isn’t 2/$5 $2.50 each?” He said yes but then mentioned that 2 gallons with a gas receipt was $5.38. I again paused to scratch my head while he followed up with “Do you get what I’m sayin?”.

At this point I just said yes and hung up. Perhaps gives you some insight as to why he might be working at UDF?

I will post a followup if it turns out that there is a limit of 1 with the gas receipt, though that would be a change in how the program works.

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  1. Ker wrote:

    Your post reminded me of this:

    The other day, Braden was calling a hospital to find out information, and the operator refused to give him any pertinent information, “because we don’t do that unless you’re a candidate for a job”. So how is he supposed to know if he even wants to apply there?? The thing is, their sister hospital told him everything he wanted to know. He said, “Either she’s dumb, or the hospital’s dumb. Someone is being dumb, and it’s not me!”

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