A little blog makeover

I did a little blog makeover recently. So if you only read TPMHTDM in Google Reader or such (As I do), you might want to check out the actual site to see the newness.

Carolyn called it “…all minimalist. very opposite of how i like my blogs.”

Which is kind of what I was going for.

Overheard on the radio yesterday morning…

The high today will be 30… right now it’s 33 degrees


Also, after taking the kids to Achievement Days I stopped by Meijer and Sams Club. It was about 8:15 and I thought well if Sams closes at 8 then I already missed it – otherwise they’ll close at 9 or 10 so it shouldn’t matter which place I go to first (Meijer is open late if not 24 hours). So I went to Meijer first because I had some diapers that I wanted to return there and didn’t want to have to take those into Sams.

But then I got done and walked over to Sams only to find out that they close at 8:30. What the heck – what kind of store closes not on the hour.