Being a doofus

So it’s always fun finding out that you’ve been (or are being) a doofus. Thankfully it doesn’t really happen to me TOO often (he says with all humility). I mean, there are certainly times when I’ve been wrong on things but not often to the level where I sit back and think “Man that was REALLY dumb”

So I have been going out to the Y to exercise pretty regularly since the new year (I know, me and everyone else). I’ve been training for the triathlon in April. Mostly running, a bit of biking and I haven’t gotten back to the swimming though I definitely need to. But I’ve also been trying to do some weights.

Now, I have almost never done any weight training. I am pretty much a certified wuss in the weights department. Except for legs – for whatever reason, whether it’s playing lots of basketball or always running around the living room trying to jump and touch the ceiling, my legs have always been pretty strong.

So after talking with a few friends of mine that do know a bit about weights (and probably mishearing and misapplying their advice), I have decided to do some of the weight machines in reps. I try to do 15 reps on a particular machine / weight, then rest for a bit then do 10 then 5. Since I’m new, I am still trying to figure out how much weight to do on each machine. Luckily they have cards that you can take and fill out so you can remember from time to time how much weight on each machine. My thought was once I could do 3 reps of 15 on 2 straight days, that meant I was ready to move up to the next weight.

As an aside, these cards are just 8×11 sheets of cardboard-y paper with spots to write down which machine and how many reps. Then you put them in various giant folders, one for each letter of the alphabet. I think the idea is that you put it in by your last initial. Well, as you can imagine, the ‘M’ folder is giant, so it makes it near impossible to try and find your sheet again the next day. So, for purposes of the Y, I am Dan Zmiller :-) . I figured that was best since X is lumped with Y and there is no Q.

Anyway, so I was working on this one machine and I was on a 30 lb. weight. Now I know that sounds incredibly wussy and I’m sure that it is, but this is a machine where the weights are a bit lower. It’s not like the leg press or whatever. But I’m sure it’s wimpy just the same. But that is neither here nor there. What is both here and there, is that on my Zmiller sheet, last time I had done the 3 reps of 15, but this time I was only able to do 10 on the first time. I thought that was weird but just chalked it up to having done another similar machine or being tired or whatever.

But then, as I was walking around the machines, I noticed the additional weights that you can put on. Now those of you who know your way around a weight machine will know this of course, but there are additional weights that you can put on each machine. So, although the weights go (for example) 15, 30, 45, etc. there are also 2 5 lb. weights that you can add. So if you want 25 lbs, you can put the 15 lb. weight on and both the 5 lb. weights for 25. So I went back and it was not 30 lbs, but 40! 10 lbs. isn’t a whole lot, but in this case it is 33% more weight.

I always knew about these but just never thought about them. But now I will know to check them each time before I sit down!

Sunday Sacrament meeting

So as I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been dealing with some kid sickness. Because I have meetings and such that I have to go to church anyways, I went by myself last week. Church is definitely interesting with the no-kid factor in there.

So while I was sitting there in sacrament meeting, actually PAYING ATTENTION AND HEARING THE SPEAKERS, I had some thoughts. The big one was wondering if people that are in this (no-kid) situation appreciate it. And figuring that no, they probably don’t. So whereas I was there, really enjoying the speakers and such, I’m sure there were plenty of people who were just going through the motions or such. When you don’t get to experience certain things, I think it always makes it sweeter when you do. I know that has been my experience in life.

Anyway, one of the talks was from Tracey Blackwelder and she used a metaphor that I really enjoyed (but am just now getting around to posting about). She talked about how they (until recently I guess) had a big 15 passenger van and how she found it interesting that she as a “soccer mom” could just whip this thing around, and talked about the joys of power steering. And comparing that to God and how with His help you can make kind of “course corrections” in life. And (here’s where I’m getting hazy between the lines of what she actually said and what I just thought about as she was talking about the general concept) I found it interesting thinking about that not only in terms of like course corrections as far as sin / repentance / forgiveness goes, but also just general life changes.

Especially in this January time of goal setting, how much easier it is to change your life when you have God around to be the “power steering”. Though I guess you could abstract this out even a little more and talk about the usefulness of any kind of support group (whether it’s family and friends or Weight Watchers)

So yeah I couldn’t decide if the talks were just really good last Sunday or if I just THOUGHT they were really good because I could actually HEAR them. And I also heard how loud everyone else’s kids were and thought “Are my kids that loud” before deciding “Yeah, they probably are”. Though in our ward’s defense, when my mother-in-law (also Mormon) came to visit a few months ago she said that it was the quietest meeting she’d been to in months.

Good vomit story

So – classic story that I want to share. We have recently been sick in our family, of the vomitous variety. As many of you undoubtedly know, one of the downsides of having multiple children is that they all get sick. And they don’t even have the consideration to all get sick at once. Nope, one gets sick, then they get better and get the next one sick, who in turn infects the next, etc. And sometimes by the time everyone’s done, we’ve caught something else.

So yeah, recently several of our kids had gotten sick. Carolyn and I managed to avoid the illness, most likely becuase we do silly things like “Don’t drink out of the cups of people that are sick” and “Wash our hands” – you know, crazy wacky wild ideas like that. So I took the last remaining non-sickie to Cub Scouts and on the way back (after eating pizza and Gatorade), he tells me as we’re driving back “I don’t feel good”. I ask him if he’s going to throw up and he says yes. So we stop the car, get out, and he barfs all over the side of the road.

On a side note, let me just tell you how refreshing it is to actually have some children that can throw up in the toilet. As opposed to, say, wherever they happen to be. I’d say we have 2 1/2 kids that can manage that right now. As a 2nd side note, if you’re walking around Hyde Park, I’d avoid Paxton Avenue, IYKWIM.

So yeah we get back in the car and flee the scene before anyone comes out and notices us. He says he’s feeling better and you know how you get after you throw up – you feel a little better having cleared things up, so to speak. So I decide to continue on with our grocery shopping. In hindsight this was a clear “Dad” move.

So we’re at Sam’s Club and we had just finished checking out and he again says that he’s not feeling good. So I’m like “Alright” and we start busting for the bathroom. Really it was a pretty convenient time – we had already checked out, and we were up at the front of the store near the bathrooms. So we were booking it – I’m pushing the cart and he’s right there with me. I get to the bathroom and stop to leave the cart and get him into the bathroom when I look back and notice he’s a few steps behind me. HE HAD STOPPED TO PICK UP A PENNY THAT WAS ON THE GROUND!!!!! This was a crucial delay and cost us – as he threw up in the foyer by the water fountains and then again at the entrance to the men’s room.

So clearly I am doing a good job of teaching him the rules of coin picking up, I am not doing so great a job at teaching him the rules of vomit / bladder control. As anyone who has thrown up and/or nearly peed / pooed their pants knows, any delay can be crucial. And most importantly, once you feel it is “safe”, then your body just starts going. That’s why so many people have accidents right when they get to the bathroom but before you make it to the actual toilet (or get your pants down). You have spent so much time, effort, and mental concentration getting to the bathroom that once you make it, your mind is like “Ahhhh we’re safe now”.

Anyway just thought I’d share