Diane Tafuri, #1 Agent

So there is a billboard that is on my way home from work. It proclaims that Diane Tafuri of Sibcy Cline has been the #1 agent for 13 years. I thought that it said 13 straight years but her website says it was 2008 plus 1995-2006. So I might be mis-remembering the actual billboard.

But what I want to know is #1 at what? I think I am going to have a hard time believing that the same person can be #1 for 13 (out of 14) years at any meaningful thing, in a field that is known for its competitiveness. Something like “Most homes bought in a year” or “Most homes sold in a year” or “Smallest average days on market” or even “Highest customer satisfaction”.

I am sure that she is very good at what she does. But to be #1 for that many years – I just can’t see it. I think it is much more likely that the #1 that is touted is meaningless. Something like “Best agent named Diane” or “#1 top selling agent on my team which is just me and my mom and she gives me all her leads” or maybe just a title – like the top such and such get the title “#1 Agent”. Reminds me of the whole #1 Dad thing from Seinfeld.

Though after Googling around, another theory I had is that it is an actual award and it goes to the total dollar amount of your sales. Because I see that Diane lists tons of Indian Hill property and has 19 active listings over $1,000,000. So I guess if that is true then to be fair to her it is accurate, but to be fair to my earlier point, it is pretty meaningless, at least to the common Joe like myself. It’s not quite as hard to get the top dollar sales amount when one house you sell counts the same as 20 sold by someone else… Though again to be fair to her she probably does have pretty good connections in the kind of folks that are typically interested in those kinds of houses. But I still think the billboard is somewhat misleading, but hey what kind of marketing isn’t and hey if you got it, flaunt it, I guess.

PS I had a hard time deciding whether or not to put her name on here because I couldn’t decide if I was a) interested in what she would have to say if she found this or b) afraid of the million dollar #1 beatdown she might put on me

My awesome goaly wife

I just wanted to let it be known that my wife is doing awesome at her goals.

She is exercising like a champ.

And she is doing very well on eating only 1 thing of sugar per week. I think she would have caved yesterday if we had only had eggs in the house to make some sort of decadent dessert. And tonight she is probably gorging but it’s okay because it’s her one time for the week at her book club.

But I just wanted to support her and tell her how awesome she is

Workin hard for the money

So I had to stay late at work today because it was a really crazy day and lots of production problems and such at work.

So I get home right about the kids’ bedtime and my 6 y/o son asks “Why did you not get home till so late?”  I of course told him it was because I was working hard.

So then he replies “Oh right.  Because you couldn’t get all your work done”

Sheesh…. :)