A little blog makeover

I did a little blog makeover recently. So if you only read TPMHTDM in Google Reader or such (As I do), you might want to check out the actual site to see the newness.

Carolyn called it “…all minimalist. very opposite of how i like my blogs.”

Which is kind of what I was going for.

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Comments (7) left to “A little blog makeover”

  1. Carolyn wrote:

    You were going for minimalist? Or you just wanted to be the completely opposite of me? Or did you just kill two birds with one stone?!

  2. regoarrarr wrote:

    Going for minimalist. Which of course is by its nature opposite of what you like. But I wasn’t doing it just to stick it to you, if that’s what you meant

    (wait for it, wait for it)

    “STICKIN IT!!!!!!!!”

  3. regoarrarr wrote:

    It has come to my attention that the reCaptcha anti-spam box is way off to the right (at least in firefox) and unusable.

    It does seem to work in IE though

    I’m looking at it

  4. annahannah wrote:

    so, really, there is no difference between google reader and the actual blog. Except for your exercise.

  5. Dan Miller wrote:

    And the recent comment list, and the tags, and the actual comments on the posts, and the links. But yeah other than that…. :-)

  6. Doug wrote:

    Your comment “STICKIN IT!!!!!!!!” made me think of “Nailed it!” which made me think of Tek Jansen. Which made me want to post a link to my favorite episode :-)


    Beware: may contain partial cartoon nudity

  7. Dan wrote:

    STICKIN IT is from the Seinfeld Episode “The Money”


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