License Plate Scavenger Hunt

So back last summer when we made our trip to the Groesbeck reunion in North Carolina, one of the things I came up with was a license plate scavenger hunt to occupy some time in the car. Of course I am not the first person to come up with this idea, but Dan’s First Law of the Internet did not hold in providing me with a sheet that had examples of what all the license plates looked like.

There were plenty of sites that had individual license plates but nothing that would serve as sort of a “gameboard”. So I created one, which you can see below. In some cases, I had to pick which license plates to show as some states had multiples.

License Plate Scavenger Hunt

It worked pretty well. It was mostly my oldest son who was into it and he is still very in to license plates and spotting different ones. We’re still working on teaching him that Mommy doesn’t care about license plates so he should probably just tell Dad about ones he finds :-) . It’s kind of like coins in that regard.

I had intended about publishing my work for other intrepid travelers but my Word doc was like 3 MB and I didn’t want to just host that on my site in case somehow lots of people started downloading it and crashing my server. But I started looking at it again recently because tonight is our Cub Scout den meeting where we will be talking about collecting things and we’re supposed to bring in things that we collect. So we will be bringing in this license plates printout as well as our big jar of found coins.

I tried to upload it to Google Docs but they only accept docs of up to 500K. So I converted it to a PDF for free and uploaded it. But apparently you can’t publish PDFs via Google Docs, so if I wanted to share it there I had to individually invite people. So I found a place called I uploaded it there, but when you go there, although it says licenseplates.pdf – it sends you a link to an invoice written in German?!?. Finally I uploaded it to a place called So if you want a copy, here it is!