Exploiting inefficiencies in the secondary BTFE market, part 2

So, back in November of last year, I wrote a post about buying up Box Tops for Education (BTFE) from eBay and then reselling them. Back then I bought a coupon for 1000 BTFE for $81 and was attempting to sell it for $119.99.

I tried 2 auctions back in November and did not sell it even after I dropped it to $114.99. I then decided to hold on to it for a few months until it is BTFE turning in time (the schools turn them in twice a year, Oct and Feb I believe). I listed it recently at $114.99 and it did not sell again so I relisted it at $109.99, and it finally sold.

So, subtracting $3.49 paypal fees, $1.40 ebay insertion fees (35 cents * 4 listings), $9.60 final value fee and $3.29 in postage (I’m sending it certified to make sure it gets there), I have a net profit of $11.22. Not bad, but much less than I was hoping for and arguably not really worth it. Of course you are talking to someone who looks under Coinstar machines for pennies….

I think 2 things contributed to the delays in getting somebody to buy these.

  1. It was a coupon, rather than actual clipped box tops. I think people are a bit more hesitant due to potential fraud. Especially because of
  2. The fact that it was for $100 rather than say $10 or $20. People a) don’t want to spend that much and b) are probably more worried about the 1 coupon being fraudulent. Higher risk than 1000 individually clipped box tops being fraudulent.

Still, $11 is $11. I will continue to keep you posted if I find any other deals.

I gave her the ol’ blood pressure arm switcheroo!

So two things to mention today. First of all early this morning I had a health examination by a nurse? for a life insurance policy. We are getting life insurance policies so we can both bump each other off and roll in the proceeds.

So, she’s asking me lots of health-related questions as well as taking samples and weight and blood pressure and such. So on that note, let me switch gears over to HealthMiles.

At work, they started a new program called HealthMiles. I’ve written about this before but basically they pay you to be healthy. Part of this is that every month you get “points” for going down to a kiosk and having your weight, BMI, and blood pressure at certain levels.

So for blood pressure you have to have it under 120/80 to get the points. This is often very challenging for me as this machine consistently measures my blood pressure at right around there. So I’ll measure it, and it will be 122/75. Then again and it’s 117/81, etc. I have tried all sorts of tricks and such to try and get it to measure under the mark, until finally I noticed that the blood pressure on my right arm was lower than my left one. Apparently this is not unheard of and not a huge deal unless the differences are very large. I also saw that depending on the position of your arm and such it can make a difference on your reading.

So this morning when it came time to do my blood pressure I was seated in such a way that would have made my left arm more convenient for her to test. But while she got out the old sphygmomanometer I rotated 90 degrees to present the right arm. 108/60 baby! Want to be in the best health possible to get the lowest premiums possible.