I demanded a new apostle song, and they delivered!

So, as you may remember, back in December when Joseph B. Wirthlin died, I posted a “demand” for a new apostle song.

I was actually surprised that more Mormon-themed blogs did not at least mention the fact that a new apostle song was needed.

But in any case, this afternoon I got a comment on that old post from the “Sons of Ammon” who were the writers of the song, saying that they had posted a new video up on YouTube.

And sure enough, here it is.

Enjoy! Let me see if I can help spread the song – as of this post, February 10th at 7:40 p.m. the YouTube video had 49 views.

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Comments (6) left to “I demanded a new apostle song, and they delivered!”

  1. annahannah wrote:

    maybe it only had that many views because so many copycats had the same thing…one with 23.000 views.

  2. Dan Miller wrote:

    No – I’m talking about the NEW one. Did you listen to the one in this post?

  3. Carolyn wrote:

    That’s right folks, It’s new, it’s improved! And soon it will be new yet again! I’m waiting with baited breath for the new apostle to be added to the song! Tee hee!!!! (Could I use more exclamation points?)

  4. Dan Miller wrote:

    I just hope his name ends in “ong”

  5. J wrote:

    As one of the Sons of Ammon…I just wanted to let you know that Elder Christofferson’s line will change when we find out who the new apostle is. The latest version of the apostle song is meant to be a teaser to get people to watch conference! I’m still amazed at how far and wide the first one made it. We only emailed it to a few people and I posted it on YouTube. One year later I’m still laughing at how quickly it spread!

  6. Dan Miller wrote:

    I know. Or at least that’s what I figured. It was more of a joke I guess :-) . We’ll be looking forward to the “new and improved” “new” Apostle song!

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