Some blog updates

So I spent some time working on the blog this evening. A few weeks ago I did a little blog makeover. There were a few things that I left somewhat unfinished then and I think I may have fixed some of those.

  1. I fixed the width of the archive and category drop downs in the far left column.
  2. I reduced the maximum font in the tag cloud in the other column. There are still a few tags that kind of “bleed over” into neighboring ones but I think it looks much better.
  3. I fixed where the reCaptcha anti-spam comment plugin was appearing way off the side of the screen. I know some of you don’t like that plugin but I don’t care because it’s my blog, so bite me.

Constructive bug reports or things that don’t seem right are welcome. Comments about how you don’t like this layout or how it’s boring or other such opinions unwelcome.

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Comments (4) left to “Some blog updates”

  1. Braden wrote:

    It seems that the lines in the tags are still acting up when you get a large font tag like “kids”. And the layout IS kinda boring, but that doesn’t matter much to me because I read your blog in Google Reader anyway.

    And is nocaptcha really the only plugin out there to stop spam? First of all, it is called nocaptcha. WTC? Secondly, it asks you for two words that often aren’t real words and are much harder to read than most proveyouarehuman apps out there. I know that you may like it, but I don’t care because it is my comment, so bite me.

  2. Dan Miller wrote:

    Yes – I know that some of the tags are still acting up – I did mention that above after all! :-)

    As for the plugin, it is called ReCaptcha and it is helping to digitize books. If you don’t like it, it means you don’t like books.

    CAPTCHA as you may or may not already know, is “a contrived acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.”

  3. Braden wrote:

    Burn the books!

    And I hate Acronyms that arbitrarily omit words. No, on second thought, I think they are okay. I’m starting a new company that I’m calling AWESOME (for those that can’t figure out the obvious, that is A great company that uses Wireless phones to Experience Some Out of this world Moving Experiences)

    What do you mean that acronym means nothing to you? Oh, kind of like Captcha? Okay.

  4. Carolyn wrote:

    simmer down boys.

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