Comment on our house

So a few weeks ago we got this letter in the mail.

Letter from Megan

If you can’t read it, it says “Dear Mr. Miller, I love the work you had done in your house and I’m hoping you can tell me who did it for you. I’m particularly interested in the siding which is really elegant. Thank you for any information you can share.”

So that was awesome! Note too the doodles in the bottom right – unfortunately this letter got a little too close to Carolyn on the phone!!!!

I emailed her with some info and she wrote back

“Thanks so much for the information Dan! You really did an excellent job on the house. It’s my favorite for miles : )”

So gooooo us!

Update links

Been awhile since I posted, so I thought I would let you know what was going on.

Actually, I’ll have Carolyn let you know what is going on, since she blogged about it and I am just going to shamelessly link to her writeups :-)

First, we had a new driveway installed – see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Then my parents came to town. My dad and I were super-productive.

We put in a new mailbox
We put on the stairs to the deck – it’s nice, nearly a year after we moved in, to actually be able to walk out the back door without having to jump down 5 feet!
We also put in the base molding tile around the edges of both the bathrooms, but no blog post about that I guess.
We celebrated my son’s birthday, where I gave him a backscrubber aka “Coin Grabber!”

Starting Monday night, and continuing Tuesday afternoon and night, we (myself, a friend and Carolyn in some combinations) spent about 12 man-hours shoveling 7 cubic yards of topsoil around our yard, and planting grass seed, in anticipation of rain today (it is raining on cue)

I’ve been little mr. productive pants lately

Dan 1, Feature Films for Families 0

Got a letter back from Feature Films for Families. Although they did not send me any money, that is fine – they’re not required to at this point. But if they call any time in the next 10 years, they are miiiiiiine.

As Doug pointed out, now I am on their “you really really don’t want to call this guy and if you do, you’re fired” list. Which is right where I want to be!

Feature Films For Families do-not-call list

Feature Films For Families do-not-call list

Box Tops deal update

Now, I know that you, my loyal readers, sometimes read a post such as this one where I mention a Meijer Box tops for Education deal and wonder to yourselves, “Now I wonder what ever happened to all those box tops coupons that Dan got?”

In fact, I can visualize you crying yourselves to sleep in pain from not knowing.

But fear not! I have been waiting to give you an update until my final box tops sold, which they just did yesterday. After a disastrous first auction, where 210 box tops only sold for $17.50, I had more success with buy it nows. The final box tops sold yesterday, and the 1260 box tops sold for a gross price of $166.44, an average of 13.21 cents per box top. After ebay and paypal fees, the net profit was $138.08, or 10.96 cents per box top.

In an odd twist of coincidence, the total cost of all the food was $87.08 (the coincidence that they were both some dollars and 8 cents).

So, the final report is 24 bisquik 40 oz, 20 brownie mixes, 44 chex mix, 38 frosting, 20 muffin mix, 4 boxes of potatoes, 13 helper, 1 honey nut cheerio snack mix and a net profit of $51.

Sleep well, faithful readers!!!!

Strike one in my telemarketer battle

Strike 1 for me in my quest to get rich suing telemarketers.

With the due date of 2/27 for my demand letter sent to Donna Bauer (the Note Buyer) rapidly approaching, we got an overnighted Fed Ex, dated 2/25. I actually got it while I was out on my Every County in Alabama trip, but Carolyn opened it for me.

Basic gist is that because I purchased a course from her in 2003, I was subscribed to her continuing education course. And although she has been sending me emails since that time, I have never opted out (becuase she is sending them to an email that I no longer use)

As such, she is claiming a continued business relationship. I think that is probably reasonable, and furthermore, I’m not trying to make legitimate people / business’s lives miserable. It’s more to get the scum.

Still nothing from the Tru Green people (they promised to put something in the mail the next day) and nothing from Feature Films for Families (due 3/13).

Decisions and choices

So in church today there were a few testimonies shared that touched on decisions and choices that I found interesting.

First one was from a guy who shared a story that his dad used to always tell him. His dad grew up on a ranch and apparently one day he and 2 other people were out baling hay or something along those lines when one of the supports that a machine that they were using broke. So one guy was essentially holding up this machine (several hundred pounds and more than he could really hold) by himself.

The 2 other guys were kind of looking around not sure what to do and I’m sure kind of in shock / panicking. Then the guy says “Do something, even if it’s wrong”

Then another lady shared something from some training she was in. She is a nurse and I guess has volunteered to be on the county emergency training group or something (little hazy on the details). Basically if there is a county-wide emergency then she gets involved as kind of like a first-responder type thing?

Anyway she said one of the things that they said in the training was that in a disaster, 10% of people will do the right thing, and 10% will do the wrong thing, and 80% of people will do nothing. And how if you do nothing then the disaster will choose for you what happens to you – you are kind of having your agency taken away.

It also reminded me of the Rush song Freewill, that says “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

On a nerdier note, I’m definitely seeing this in a game I am in. It’s basically a multi-player democracy game of the computer game Civilization. We have teams of 5-10 people that are all playing one civ on the game (there are 5 such teams in the game). So as we are trying to conduct diplomacy, or make moves in the game, we all talk about various things and strategies that we want to do, but then nobody really DOES anything – we all think someone else will do it, or we don’t want to send out that letter until we’re sure it’s the team’s consensus, etc.