Strike one in my telemarketer battle

Strike 1 for me in my quest to get rich suing telemarketers.

With the due date of 2/27 for my demand letter sent to Donna Bauer (the Note Buyer) rapidly approaching, we got an overnighted Fed Ex, dated 2/25. I actually got it while I was out on my Every County in Alabama trip, but Carolyn opened it for me.

Basic gist is that because I purchased a course from her in 2003, I was subscribed to her continuing education course. And although she has been sending me emails since that time, I have never opted out (becuase she is sending them to an email that I no longer use)

As such, she is claiming a continued business relationship. I think that is probably reasonable, and furthermore, I’m not trying to make legitimate people / business’s lives miserable. It’s more to get the scum.

Still nothing from the Tru Green people (they promised to put something in the mail the next day) and nothing from Feature Films for Families (due 3/13).

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