Fathers Day 2009

So I thought I would share some things I got for Fathers Day. Of course not the big chocolate candy bars that I got at church – I’m not sharing those! Well, actually come to think of it I did share them with Carolyn. But they’re gone now.





A few comments. The first one might be somewhat hard to read because it got ripped :) . Also, we appear to be having a date problem. That is, unless they used last year’s card and trusted me not to notice!!! (If so, you got me!)

I liked Joel’s answers, especially about the popcorn. As I recall, I actually don’t really care for popcorn, but I guess if I did, it would definitely be the yummy yummy kind. He also drew a picture of the 2 of us on the back of that paper but it didn’t scan well.

Thanks kids!

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  1. Carey wrote:

    I think I can make out the word “puzzles” on the second one

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