Outhustled to 6 cents by an 80 year old man

Yup, I was outhustled yesterday afternoon. I had stopped to get some gas, and after filling up, I did my normal jaunt around the pumps, checking for coins. I went one way, and then I was coming back to my car when I spotted a nickel and a penny on the ground.

But so too did an old guy coming out of the building and heading to his car. And he was closer, so he bent down (without throwing out his back) and scooped em up. Oh well….

But nevertheless I was not daunted, and went on to hit the coin cycle yesterday, my 2nd in 3 days! And with the $3.15 in coins I found on Saturday, I am now up to $96.12. I am on pace to hit $100 on the 22nd – 15 more days!

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    I’m sure you could have taken out that old man if you really wanted to, honey. :-) Go for the knees, they’re weak!

  2. Dan Miller wrote:

    I thought about it. Well, not about taking him out, but trying to say that those coins were “mine”. But in the end I didn’t

  3. Braden wrote:

    That’s what Tonya Harding said, Carolyn, and look where it got her.

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