2009 Staycation, Part 1

So we have been planning a “staycation” here in and around town for awhile, and this past week we started it off.

First off was a Reds game on Tuesday night. It rained pretty much the entire day and it was not looking good for a game, but about 5:00 p.m. the clouds lifted and it actually turned out to be a very nice evening.

I took the 2 biggest kids with me.

Here we are in front of the stadium. Notice that my kids have inadvertently dressed in Cubs colors. But that’s okay because so did everyone else!! (Seriously it was like 4 to 1 Cubs fans)

We started off up in the upper deck with the $5 seats.

But before too long we moved down to right behind first base.

Reds lost 6-3. The kids kept asking me (constantly) when there were going to be fireworks. I tried to tell them that those were only if the Reds won or if they hit a home run. Winning did not look like an option, and there were no homers either. We went into the 9th inning with the bottom part of the order coming up and up to the plate stepped Wladimir Balentien, who (literally) had a batting average of 0. Naturally he promptly homered for some fireworky action. The kids were amused.

Wednesday was my first day off work and we went up to Dayton to visit the US Air Force museum as well as one of the Wright Brothers memorials.

Carolyn and the baby at the National Aviation History Museum (which was inside the AF museum)


Kids in front of one of the airplanes.

Ah… feel the love!

So the goal for this staycation was a budget of $250.


  • Reds Tickets: $15
  • Reds Parking: $2
  • Reds program: $1 (actually it was 50 cents but I round up)


  • Museums: Free
  • Wendys afterwards: $16

Total so far: $34.

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