2009 Staycation, Part 2

Continuing my staycation report (Part 1). Thursday was a relax day. Well, it was supposed to be relaxing in that we didn’t really go anywhere. But it wasn’t so much relaxing since we had tons of shopping, cleaning, packing and preparing for our weekend trip up to Cleveland!

Friday we got up early (well normal time for us) and were out the door by about 8 to head up to COSI in Columbus. We had been there before since it is one of our reciprocal museums that we get into free as part of our museum pass.

COSI was cool as usual. Here are a few pictures and descriptions of some of the exhibits.

Kids really enjoyed this TV / camera machine. There was a dial that you could make the camera do all sorts of weird effects.

This was in the Gadgets area – it was a chair you could sit in and then pull yourself up using a pulley system (either 2, 3, or 4 pulleys to make it easier or harder)

Kids trying to use their feet to push a series of pistons. It didn’t work out too well for some reason.

While the little kids were in the little kid area, I took the big kids out because they were not allowed in. There was a live exhibit with someone demonstrating an electrostatic generator. So they had everyone get in line and hold hands and then the first person (who was touching the generator) touched hands with the second person in line (who was holding hands with everyone else down the line). Shock! Kids were not amused with that :-)

Another exhibit they liked was one where you could talk into this microphone and make it do all sorts of weird things with your voice. All the kids liked that.

We stayed till about 1:00 and then ate a picnic lunch and headed up to Cleveland. We also got a bunch of license plates in the COSI parking lot! We had pizza with my parents in Cleveland and then my grandpa and his new wife came over for desserts. We hung out with them for awhile and then snapped this family picture (minus the baby who was sleeping)


It was a fun day!

Remember, budget is $250
Earlier days: $34
Thursday: $5 in snacks for the car
Friday: $3 for parking at COSI

Total so far: $42

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  1. annahannah wrote:

    what about gas?

  2. Dan wrote:

    As you will see in Part 3, I only counted gas when we filled up.

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