Skyfort Playset Installation – Day 11 (4/9)

Saturday was a very rainy day. Yup, it pretty much rained ALL DAY. It finally tapered off in the late afternoon, so I was able to work a bit on the playset. So last time you may remember that there was a bit of a problem on Step 32.

This bolt was not lining up. It’s a thick piece of wood that gets hex bolted in to perpendicular boards in 3 places. The ones on either end lined up perfectly, but the hole for the bolt in the middle was off slightly. Now that I got a better look at it, it looked like the only option was going to be to drill a matching hole. I was a little leery to do this just because you never know what that might affect several steps down the road, but after inspection, it seemed like the best option. I’m not counting that as a mistake (by me), because I can not see what I could have done that would have averted the problem.

Progress was going rather quickly – these steps were pretty easy to understand and pretty easy to do. I was getting into a good rhythm of getting the wood and fasteners for one page of instructions (usually 2-3 steps), take it back to the playset, and then install the boards, and go back.

Here’s a good example of what I’d like to see MORE of from the instructions

You may have to click to expand and see a larger picture, but in the bottom corner there’s a note indicating that on the P22 board, the holes are closer to the bottom of the board. See? Was that so hard?

Here’s a final shot of the day

Day 11 time: 1.5 hours
Total time: 22.5 hours
Mistakes made: 0 today (7 total)
Steps completed: 32-41 (out of 103)