I demanded a new apostle song, and they delivered!

So, as you may remember, back in December when Joseph B. Wirthlin died, I posted a “demand” for a new apostle song.

I was actually surprised that more Mormon-themed blogs did not at least mention the fact that a new apostle song was needed.

But in any case, this afternoon I got a comment on that old post from the “Sons of Ammon” who were the writers of the song, saying that they had posted a new video up on YouTube.

And sure enough, here it is.

Enjoy! Let me see if I can help spread the song – as of this post, February 10th at 7:40 p.m. the YouTube video had 49 views.

Some blog updates

So I spent some time working on the blog this evening. A few weeks ago I did a little blog makeover. There were a few things that I left somewhat unfinished then and I think I may have fixed some of those.

  1. I fixed the width of the archive and category drop downs in the far left column.
  2. I reduced the maximum font in the tag cloud in the other column. There are still a few tags that kind of “bleed over” into neighboring ones but I think it looks much better.
  3. I fixed where the reCaptcha anti-spam comment plugin was appearing way off the side of the screen. I know some of you don’t like that plugin but I don’t care because it’s my blog, so bite me.

Constructive bug reports or things that don’t seem right are welcome. Comments about how you don’t like this layout or how it’s boring or other such opinions unwelcome.

A little blog makeover

I did a little blog makeover recently. So if you only read TPMHTDM in Google Reader or such (As I do), you might want to check out the actual site to see the newness.

Carolyn called it “…all minimalist. very opposite of how i like my blogs.”

Which is kind of what I was going for.