My awesome goaly wife

I just wanted to let it be known that my wife is doing awesome at her goals.

She is exercising like a champ.

And she is doing very well on eating only 1 thing of sugar per week. I think she would have caved yesterday if we had only had eggs in the house to make some sort of decadent dessert. And tonight she is probably gorging but it’s okay because it’s her one time for the week at her book club.

But I just wanted to support her and tell her how awesome she is

I heart the Internet

I was getting Carolyn’s (rockin) Christmas present today and so when I went to checkout from the website that shall not be named, there was a place to put in a promo or coupon code. So I thought well let’s go searching. I typically do searches like these but I normally don’t have much success.

And sure enough the first 4 or 5 codes I found were either invalid, expired, for purchase amounts more than what I was spending, or some combination thereof.

But then I found one! Boom – free shipping! Saved me $8.

I can’t tell you what the code is or what website it is for because that might spoil the super awesome surprise.