In which I invite the lady behind me in line at Staples to shut right up

So I took the kids out to the mall-ish area this evening to give their mom a break. And to look for coins of course!!! (6 quarters, 3 dimes, 1 nickel and 8 pennies – the coin cycle baby!).

Also I wanted to stop by Staples. I had gotten a $10 off $10 coupon for Office Max in the mail. I was going to just put it on eBay, but I saw that there were tons of them on eBay and they were going for about $3 or $4. Not bad, but then I got to thinking and decided to buy stamps there. I like Staples more than Office Max (and it’s more convenient) and they all take competitor’s coupons.

So we got there and originally I was going to buy envelopes along with 1 book of stamps (to get over the $10 limit) but the cheapest envelopes at Staples were $6.99?!?!? So instead I decided to just buy 2 books of stamps.

So we’re checking out and first there was a delay because they only had 1 book up front so some guy had to come with more books. And then the cashier was having math trouble figuring out how much to charge for each book (he couldn’t just take the $10 off the total – he had to price adjust the books themselves for whatever reason). So we’re causing some delays which I am of course used to, and then the lady behind me pipes up with

“I thought it was illegal to use a coupon on stamps – a federal law”

Umm hello – way to dealblock me lady, to paraphrase a somewhat lewd term. And hence the title of my post. The cashier starts saying yeah I don’t know maybe you’re right. And he double checks the back as I point out – Nope nope nothing on the back that says you can’t use them (lots of times there are exclusions on stamps)

But I was just annoyed by this lady’s piping up. I didn’t say anything to her there because a) I’m a wimp and b) I didn’t want to make any kind of scene because I was hoping to stay under the radar so the transaction could proceed.

In the end, it all worked out and I got my 40 stamps for $6.80

Overheard on the radio yesterday morning…

The high today will be 30… right now it’s 33 degrees


Also, after taking the kids to Achievement Days I stopped by Meijer and Sams Club. It was about 8:15 and I thought well if Sams closes at 8 then I already missed it – otherwise they’ll close at 9 or 10 so it shouldn’t matter which place I go to first (Meijer is open late if not 24 hours). So I went to Meijer first because I had some diapers that I wanted to return there and didn’t want to have to take those into Sams.

But then I got done and walked over to Sams only to find out that they close at 8:30. What the heck – what kind of store closes not on the hour.

The price of milk at UDF

Okay – gotta share this. I called up UDF this morning. They have an ongoing promotion where if you fill up with 8 gallons of gas, you get a gallon of milk for pretty cheap. But the price changes every month, so sometimes it’s a good deal and sometimes it’s not that great. So I called up this morning to see what their price for December was.

Guy answered and I asked the question. He responded that it was $2.39 but if you wanted to buy 2, it was cheaper not to use the gas receipt and just buy them regular price, which was 2/$5.

I paused and scratched my head and asked, “But isn’t 2/$5 $2.50 each?” He said yes but then mentioned that 2 gallons with a gas receipt was $5.38. I again paused to scratch my head while he followed up with “Do you get what I’m sayin?”.

At this point I just said yes and hung up. Perhaps gives you some insight as to why he might be working at UDF?

I will post a followup if it turns out that there is a limit of 1 with the gas receipt, though that would be a change in how the program works.

License Plate

So… my license plate is broken. Well, the plate itself is not broken. But one of the screws / bolts that holds it to the car has come out, and so it hangs down.

My car kind of looks like that. Well, minus the fact that my car hasn’t been completely smashed up. Oh, and it’s not that kind of car at all. Hmm and I don’t ride around with a pair of gloves in my hood and the hood up. And my license plate is Ohio instead of Washington DC. But that’s kind of what my license plate looks like.

So, this has been going on for a few months now. I have it on my list of “things to do some day” to fix this, but have not really gotten around to it because it’s not a big deal for me.

But for some reason, people love to stop me while I’m driving to point this out to me. I’m sure they are just trying to be helpful, but what are the odds that this has just happened and I’m unaware of it? At least one guy mentioned something like “I’m sure you probably already know this but…”. The other day, as I was driving to work, a big truck stopped. It looked like he was trying to turn left across traffic so I was inching up to allow him room to turn into the shopping center (I was stopped at a red light). But no, he yelled at me again and wanted to let me know about my rogue license plate.

I find it odd that the impetus for me fixing this is likely to NOT be the actual license plate itself, but just to stop people from pointing it out to me.

And yes, for those of you who live in Cincinnati and see me on a regular basis, please point this out to me whenever you see me and my car. Because you’ll think you’re being funny, but in fact, you’ll be like the 500th person to point it out which will make you, in the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld, quite LAME!