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Okay. I am going to endeavor to take things slow and make a detailed report. Only time will tell if I am successful in that.

First of all sorry for the crappy graphics - I'm still trying to figure this all out. I think I have an idea though, but you'll have to bear with me at least for the first few pages

Okay then. We have 4 silks, corn and grassland gems. Certainly potential to be a powerhouse. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out the best strategy. I am curious as to whether or not we will have iron here, given the fact that it is a designed map / scenario. If it were a regular I think I'd beeline to IW and do some massive warmongering. I still may.

I also played around with build order and research queue. Looks like desert to the south and jungle to the north. The choices for city sites are in place or 1E. First, Warrior SW to the hill

Goody hut and a wheat. Also, it appears that the river is flowing west to east, meaning that the ocean will likely be to the east. I decide to settle in place. Rome set to worker! And Bronze Working queued up. I am going for an aggressive chop-heavy start. Worker in 15, BW in 13. This promises to be a pretty boring start then :-)

3960 BC - First hut gives me 83 gold.

My exploring shows me lotta desert to the south. In 3800 as I'm making my way to the 2nd hut East of Rome I spot a Greek scout. There shall be peace in our time! Next turn I pop the hut one turn ahead of Alex's scout and get a scout of my own. Decide that the scout will scout to the NE. In 3680 I see a lion so my warrior heads back to Rome. A forest grows near Rome - how convenient, given my early choppin strategy!

3560 - 53 gold from a hut and Hinduism formed.

3480 - BW -> Agriculture. The lion kills Alex's scout mwaha

3440 - 25 gold from a hut and the northern edge of the continent is formed. I kill that lion

3400 - Worker comes in and starts a-choppin. Session 1 is done.

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