Vacation road trip report

So those of you who don’t subscribe to my other blog Every Whatever might have missed a recap of the various trips that we recently took to / from North Carolina.

Day 1: Cincinnati to Hershey: 27 counties (7 new)
Day 2: Hershey to Kitty Hawk: 21 counties (19 new)
Day 3: Kitty Hawk to Blacksburg 25 counties (22 new)
Day 4: Blacksburg to Cincinnati: 21 counties (16 new)

Of course, it has not escaped my attention that the reason you might not be subscribed to Every Whatever is that you find road trip reports intensely boring. In that case, feel free to head on over to Carolyn’s vacation report

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  1. THE PEOPLE MUST HAVE THEIR DAN MILLER / License Plate Scavenger Hunt wrote:

    [...] back last summer when we made our trip to the Groesbeck reunion in North Carolina, one of the things I came up with was a license plate scavenger hunt to occupy some time in the [...]

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